Institut Pasteur

Pioneering research on HIV/AIDS

At the forefront of biomedical research and the global leader in the field of infectious diseases, the Institut Pasteur carries out work that gives rise to new means of prevention and therapeutic innovations.

In 1983, two researchers from the Institut Pasteur, Françoise Barré-Sinoussi and Luc Montagnier (Nobel Prize in Medicine 2008) identified the AIDS virus, which made it possible to quickly develop diagnostic tests. This was the starting point of the research conducted worldwide to better understand and fight the disease.

Although research is progressing, there is still no vaccine to provide protection from HIV, nor is there a cure for AIDS. Despite the advances made in the development of anti-retroviral treatments, they are very expensive. Stopping the treatment has strong consequences in the body.

Day after day, researchers are continuing their efforts. To do so, they need the means. A private foundation with an officially recognized charitable status, the Institut Pasteur works in part thanks to donations. That is why your support is essential.

©Nicoletta Casartelli is a researcher at the Virus and Immunity Unit at the Institut Pasteur